FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends that each home, workplace, and school have emergency kits and supplies for a disaster. FEMA recommends being prepared for at least 72 hours after a disaster. This information will help you prepare.

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Emergency Preparedness Information: www.Fema.tel, www.Disaster.tel
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The FEMA www.ready.gov website is an excellent source for information about emergency preparedness kits and disaster supplies that can help you survive any emergency or disaster in greater safety and comfort.
Through its website ready.gov, FEMA recommends that every home and business have an emergency surival kit and emergency supplies to last for up to 3 days after any emergency or disaster. FEMA recommends emergency supplies for up to three days because help may not be available from FEMA or other government agencies for at least three days after a disaster. FEMA promotes personal and business preparedness as prudent risk managment given that disasters and emergencies can happen anywhere in the country and at any time of the day ot night.
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